DataMotion is my Secure File Transfer service where you can safely send or receive files & private communications thru an encryted & protected server. Sending tax info thru ordinary email is unsafe, & puts you at risk for I.D. theft!

ACCESS: You can access DataMotion thru the blue link below if you have been previously invited by email, or if you have used it in the past.   If you are new to DataMotion, ask me for a “secure link” so you have access.

PASSWORD:  If you forgot your password or do not have one yet, click the blue reset link on the login page and create a new one.  If the reset is not successful, please contact me.

There are some servers that block emails from DataMotion, altho it is rare.  






The links below are not active at this time, please use the DataMotion link above!    


Client Portal Login

Download Secure Client Portal App: