File Your Extensions

EXTENSIONS only extend the time to FILE, not the time to pay what you might owe. If you are likely to owe tax with your returns, you should make a payment with your extension(s) of the amount you are likely to owe, or make a reasonable estimate, to avoid a late payment penalty.

IRS  EXTENSION online, (select “make a payment”, then “Extension” and “Form 4868” ) Making this payment to the IRS automatically files your extension for you. Make a reasonable estimate of what you may owe, but if expecting a refund, then make a refundable $5 tax payment just to get your extension e-filed.

IRS  EXTENSION, w/ no payment, to print & mail!

NY EXTENSION  (follow online instructions)

NJ EXTENSION  (follow online instructions)

CA EXTENSION  (only needed if you will owe CA taxes)

CT EXTENSION (only needed if you will owe CT taxes)

PA EXTENSION  (follow online instructions)